Who and what is Innosolids B.V.?

Innosolids B.V. near Maastricht is a young dynamic company that focuses on marketing and development of color solutions for the plastics industry in Europe. Our technical staff has earned its mark in the R & D and production of color solutions at well-known international companies. We are located nearby to the famous Technology and Cheminal Center “Brightland Campus” on the Chemelot / DSM. This gives us technical advantages regarding the latest technological and chemical inventions. We have accumulated invaluable experience in the field of color development.

Our patented product Dry Liquid Color, briefly mentioned DLC, is the solution for many color problems in the plastics industry. Moreover, it is more economical than the usual color solutions, which we also have in our portfolio. Dry Liquid Color (DLC) is a solid color solution that looks like a Masterbatch but offers unprecedented powers!

Which color solutions can Innosolids provide?

We are both specialist and generalist because we offer customizable solutions DLC and next to that, all other color products from Liquid Colors, through Masterbatch to ready-made technical color Compounds.

Read more on the following pages and see why Innosolids is the right partner or may become in the future. We also like to visit you at the spot to investigate the actual situation and explain about our color solutions. We provide a color match including a detailed offer within 15 working days. Our website story may sound beautiful; the actual situation should confirm such a beautiful story. Therefore, please try us, you won’t regret it!

Innosolids also supplies all necessary additves, mostly as part of the offered color solution but also as separate additive. Moreover, we closely cooperate with our sister company Innocabs, innovative and famous for its high speed laser printing.

The innovative solutions of Innosolids. DLC - Recycling - Bio etc.

Dry Liquid Color

quick color change; up to 70% quicker compared to the traditional Masterbatch

Dry Liquid Color

applicable for all plastics with perfect dispersion

Dry Liquid Color

a really “green” bottle with 100% recycling material and Innosolids DLC

Dry Liquid Color: ideal for recycling materials