About Innosolids

As stated, we are dynamic team of motivated employees. And we can ensure you, our partners, being our priority. That is, next to our constant strive for innovation, the main reason of our successful growth. You, as customer / partner, can trust us. Color Matches are correct and are ready in time. Within 15 working days the color is matched. Read about our products and capabilities on one of the pages.


TEAMTogether Each Achieves More.

Our technical specialists are highly skilled and have a lot of experience in the plastics industry and in particular in the fields of color, additives and laser printing.

Technical education combined with experience and adequate and intensive communication between all team members internally and through our sales team also externally. This all ensures our professional support and practical advice towards our partners. We guarantee our product quality and deliveries by respecting our strict ISO requirements continuously.


INNOCABS – Laser print is forever, ink isn’t

The company name Innocabs looks and sounds a bit like Innosolids. Not without reason. Our sister company Innocabs has also innovative power, not in colors but in the field of laser-printing on plastic products.

Innocabs is responsible for creating solutions for High-Speed ​​Laser Printing. The solutions lie in developing customer-specific additives. These additives can be put on color and thus be added to our DLC / Masterbatch. Our successful collaboration delivers regularly synergistic benefits in the European market. For more information about Innocabs, click here.