Dry Liquid Color (DLC) – the Innosolids Patent

Dry Liquid Color – DLC

THE new Innosolids color technology. This innovative color combines all the benefits of Liquid Colors, such as perfect dispersion, with all the advantages of a solid granulate. All desired additives can be added to our DLC without any problem. Always Customer Made according to your specific requirements and it is available in all standard sizes and colors. You ask, we deliver.


What is Dry Liquid Color and what are the specific advantages? – DLC

DLC is a patented Innosolids color solution and it is applicable everywhere. That’s one of the great advantages of our DLC and makes it unique. Suitable for all plastics, including all bio-plastics. Not only for all plastics, DLC is also suitable for all plastics manufacturing processes such as Extrusion, Injection Molding and (Extrusion) Blow Molding. The patented universal carrier system makes the DLC applicable for all plastics. DLC has a low melting point, which results in a prior plasticization of the material and consequently better mixing and lower power consumption. Due to the high concentration of color and due to the color strength, the dosing percentage is substantially lower. The stronger the dosing, the less you need for the desired result. Moreover, DLC has a cleansing effect on the production screws. Instead of sticking to the screws, DLC cleans the screws. The big advantage pays off in faster color changes and less material loss and less production time loss due to burnings. The good dispersion prevents color wisps / stripes and reduces production problems and loss of production.

DLC and recycling- and BIO-material and other applications

DLC’s various combined advantages makes it the right partner to color recycled material. Not only because of the unique dispersion and the early melting and earlier plasticizing, but also due to the combined color strength. The universal carrier makes our DLC very suitable for (mixed) scraps. DLC, the patented Innosolids color solution is applicable everywhere. That’s one of the great advantages of our DLC and makes it unique. Suitable for all plastics, including all bio-plastics.

Our patented carrier system is according to REACH, ROHS, FDA and BIO Based, therefore it can be widely used for all kinds of purposes. From Food Contact over Toys to Medical Applications, but also for areas like household, construction, sports, profiles, filaments, WPC (Wood Plastic Composite), automotive, packaging, leisure, etc, etc, etc.


Some of the advantages of DLC:

  • Lower dosage – lower color stocks (quantity in kg)
  • Quick color change
  • General applicability in plastics – less different colors in stock
  • Also particularly suitable for bio-polymers / bio-plastics!!
  • General applicability in production, like Extrusion, Injection Molding and (Extrusion) Blow Molding
  • Low melting point – better mixing – lower energy consumption – less burnings
  • Free flowing – perfect dispersion
  • No standard colors – all according to customer demand
  • Any desired additive can be used
  • Particularly suitable for Recycling Materials!!

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